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BBGK’s conservation strategy targeting priority species of the Balkans


Nov 21, 2021

The example of the INTERREG programme CONSE-PP

The project “Ιmproving the conservation of priority plants in the cross-border area” (acronym Conse-pp) aims at protecting biodiversity in the cross-border area of Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia by prioritizing selected plant species and subspecies (taxa), i.e. priority A taxa (122 threatened and near threatened plants), B (372 local Balkan endemic plants) and C (237 rare plants). The project’s scope is three-fold: to document in situ the species-specific risks-threats, to offer ex situ conservation for them as a back-up solution for future re-introductions, and to introduce specific actions raising public awareness and alertness about the importance of local biodiversity. The PDF material can be downloaded from here:

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